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Children and Youth Ministry | Holy Innocents Episcopal Church

Children and Teen Ministries


Holy Innocents is a vibrant, welcoming community in the heart of Noe Valley, and provides a space for families of every configuration to grow together in their spirituality.

Our 9AM service is decidedly kid-focused: we believe that children’s spirituality can be just as profound and enriching as grown-up worship, and lays the ground work for a life of kindness, confidence and joy.

Godly Play

God is huge, bigger than we can possibly grasp – this is the foundational premise of Godly Play. Instead of teaching our children easy answers and telling them not to question, we encourage them to explore their faith through stories, wonder, and play. Godly Play teaches Christianity in a way that enhances a child’s authentic experience of God.

Godly Play I is for children aged 3-6 years old, and Godly Play II is for children aged 6-10 years old.  It takes place every Sunday between our services, from 10-11am, except for the last Sunday of the month, when there is a single service and no Godly Play.

Youth Group

The Youth Group is a spiritual formation group for youth aged 11-15 years old. It is a combination of social events, learning opportunities, community service, and spiritual growth. We meet most Sundays for spiritual reflection between services, from 10-11am, except for the last Sunday of the month, when there is a combined service. Each year they have a theme and we use creative approaches to explore the theme and to deepen our spirituality together.

Children’s Sermons

At our 9am Service, during the sermon, the children are invited to come downstairs for a special sermon of their own. Members of the Holy Innocents community lead the sermons and they are often interactive and hands-on. This gives kids a chance to stretch their legs and hear a message specially crafted for them.  This is particularly helpful for the children who are not yet old enough for Godly Play.

Youth Choir

Twice a year, our musical director and a soloist from our choir lead the Children’s Sermons for an entire month, preparing the children to sing an anthem in the 9 am service. These lessons prepare the Youth Choir through a combination of music, art, and storytelling. The children’s anthems are always an exciting and meaningful experience for the whole community.


Baptism is the ritual inclusion of a person in the Mystical Body of Christ and is a profoundly meaningful event in the life of any family. If you’re curious about baptism for your child or yourself, the clergy at Holy Innocents would love to have a conversation with you about what Baptism means in the Episcopal/Anglican Tradition and what it might mean in your or your child’s life.


The week of their birthday, each child (and most adults!) are celebrated with our own special birthday song, and a special birthday prayer said by the entire congregation. We hope that each child, on their birthday and every week, feels loved and celebrated by their church family.

Community Potlucks

Members of our congregation meet each Wednesday at 6:30 pm for a potluck dinner. Children and families are always welcome, and we always love sharing a meal with the younger members of the congregation!

Game Night

We meet on the third Friday of each month, starting at entertainment an intergenerational evening of fun.   Pizza and drinks are provided.  Bring your good cheer and your favorite board or card game.

Parents Night-Off

Periodically, we offer babysitting at the church on Friday night to allow a well-deserved break to parents in our community.   Dinner and entertainment is provided.  Watch the newsletter for the next date. 


Contact Us

For more information about the children and family ministry at Holy Innocents, contact our youth directors Giuliana Titus