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Prayer list | Holy Innocents Episcopal Church

Prayer list

For healing of body, mind, and spirit:

Alec (Anne R.’s dad); Rev. Armand Kreft; Betty (Camilla’s sister); Bill & Sergio; Bob (Davey’s uncle); Catherine (Amelia’s mother and Thomas’ friend); Charles (Barrie’s son); Christopher (Anne & Laura’s friends); Christopher (Beth’s friend; Cierra and her family (Cary’s friends); Darlene (Friend of Judith’s); Diana (Anne’s niece); Dominic (Angela’s uncle); Elizabeth and the Krueger family; Elyse (Judith’s friend); The Rev.Emmy and family; Frances (Kevin A.’s aunt); Gail (Seth’s friend); Gerard (Mark’s brother); Helen and Olivia; Helen (Steven’s mother); Hotie Gilpin, Sr.; Jane Davies; Rev. Jeffrey Reed; Jean (Seth & Malcolm’s friend); Jeremy (Thomas’s husband); Jim and Danny (Joyce’s friends); John (Davey’s father); John (Anne’s sister-in-law’s father); John (Sam’s friend); Judith; Julia; Justin, Alysha & June (Sarah B’s friends); Kay & Keith (John Q’s parents); Laura (Anne J’s wife); Lenora (Mary’s sister-in-law); Linda (Cary’s friend); Liza and her twins (Cary’s niece); Luigi (Giuliana’s dad);  Marge (Ellen’s mother); Maribel (Seth’s friend) Marissa (Seth’s friend); Marius (Fabienne’s father); Mark and the O’Neill family; Mary (Allison’s mother); Mary & Andrew Lindgren (Katie’s parents); Milou (Fabienne’s uncle); Nadine Gassner (Heidi’s sister-in-law); Robin (Anne’s friend); Sister Ruth, CSF; Sam Singer; Sarah (Kevin’s aunt); Steve and Teresa (Elizabeth’s brother and sister in-law); Susan D.; Tom Slaiman (George’s brother); Will (Cynthia’s son); the residents of the Sheffield.

For the departed:   Doug (Kevin A.’s uncle); Jeffrey Couvillion (Cary’s friend); Agamemnon Kasapi (Steven’s father); Marilyn Krueger (Elizabeth’s mother); Paul Penick (Neil’s father); Vicky Doll-Polanco

Updated 6/22/2020